How Long Do Copper Pipes Last?

Know When You’ll Need to Replace Your Copper Piping

Copper pipes are known for their long lifespans, but even they wear down eventually. Whether you have existing copper pipes or just got a new system installed, it’s important to know how long the lifespan of your pipes is, so that you can prepare for timely replacements. On average, copper pipes last around 50 years before they need to be replaced, but certain factors like the type of piping and accumulated wear-and-tear damage can shorten or extend that lifespan.

Different Types of Copper Piping Have Different Lifespans

Not all copper piping is created equal – there are multiple types of copper piping used in residential and commercial plumbing, and each has its own average lifespan to consider. This is largely due to the various thicknesses of piping available. As a general rule, the thicker your pipes are, the longer they’re going to last.

Common Types of Copper Piping and Their Average Lifespans:

  • M-type piping is the thinnest residential copper piping variety, and typically lasts for 20-50 years
  • L-type copper pipes are of medium thickness and can last for 50-100 years
  • As the thickest variety of copper piping, K-type pipes can last for over 100 years

Damaged Pipes Don’t Last as Long

Wear-and-tear damage is inevitable in all forms of piping and can cause pipes to need replacing before their expected lifespan ends. As you use your plumbing, it incurs various flaws and accumulated buildup that can compromise its structural integrity. As most of this damage occurs inside of your pipes, you typically can’t see it directly – you have to spot the symptoms associated with these damages to know that your pipes have worn down earlier than expected.

Warning Signs of a Worn-Out Piping System Include:

  • Visible cracks, dents, or corrosion
  • Frequent leaks and clogs
  • Louder-than-usual noises coming from your pipes
  • Discolored, off-tasting, or bad-smelling water
  • Low water pressure

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