Think Twice Before Using Liquid Drain Cleaners

When most people discover a slow or clogged drain, their first reaction often times isn’t to call a plumber to help with the problem. We live in an age where DIY projects can easily be looked up on Pinterest, and step-by-step tutorials are readily available on YouTube. It is just a fact that most people will try to solve the problem themselves before they call in a professional.

Liquid drain cleaners advertise themselves as an easy solution that can defeat any clog. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of an easier, cheaper, and instant solution to any problem? But, liquid cleaners aren’t always what they claim to be.

Our Los Angeles repiping experts share what you should know about liquid drain cleaners before you go pouring it down your pipes.

  • It can damage your pipes. They way liquid drain cleaner works is by creating a chemical reaction inside your pipes. This reaction creates heat, which can erode or melt your pipes. If the cleaner doesn’t quickly dissolve the clog, all the chemicals can be forced to sit on top of it, forcing the chemical reaction to sit in a concentrated area for a while. Even if you have metal pipes, they can weaken over time and multiple uses of cleaner.
  • It is hazardous to your health. If cleaners can deteriorate a metal pipe, imagine what they can do to your body. After you pour liquid cleaner down your drain, the fumes can irritate your eyes, lungs, throat, and nose. Not all drain cleaners are made with the same chemicals either, which means mixing them could create a toxic and damaging reaction. Some cleaners have even been known to burn the skin.
  • There is no guarantee it will work. Even if you disregard the safety to your health and your pipes, there is no guarantee that a cleaner will even be able to take care of the clog. When you call a plumber, he or she will leave your pipes clog-free, always.

If your pipes are continuously getting clogged or have been damaged by liquid drain cleaners, it could be time for a repiping. Contact Repiping Professionals to learn more about our expert services!