Signs Your Drain Needs Repiping

If you are not sure if your drainage requires repiping sooner than later, you may want to contact our Los Angeles repiping experts at Repiping Professionals in order to conduct a full inspection of your pipes in your home. We are capable of providing an in-depth diagnosis of your pipes and determine when they need to be replaced. However, the best alternative is to check for yourself.

The following are telltale signs that your pipes are leaking, clogged or sealed completely:

  • Leaks or overflows. Keep your eye out for an indication of sewage or water appearing in places where they shouldn’t be, such as evidence of moisture in walls or ceiling tiles.
  • Smell or odor. If you believe you smell sewage in the air, it might be evidence of sewage overflowing from your drains or leaking from your drainage piping. It’s imperative to locate the source of the problem, or we can do it for you after you determine that the odor derives from a sewage leak.
  • Abundance of flies or bugs. If you have trouble determining where the source is coming from, be on the lookout for flies and bugs, since they tend to thrive on sewage water.

If one or more of these signs are evident when conducting your own inspection, contact our Los Angeles repiping experts and request a service today.