Preventing Slab Leaks

Slab leaks occur when pipes when pipes underneath a home’s concrete foundation experiences a leak, resulting in expensive repairs and possible detrimental health consequences. What’s troublesome about slab leaks is that they can be difficult to detect immediately, which can lead to more substantial damage the longer it continues. It’s important to take steps to prevent slab leaks to avoid the problems associated with them.

The following are ways to prevent a slab leak in your home:

  • Keep proper water pressure. The first step is to maintain your home’s water pressure that is appropriate for you piping. High water pressure in narrow piping can create leaks.
  • Understand your pH. pH is the measurement of your water’s acidity. High acidity is found in “hard” water, while low acidity is found in “soft” water. If you water is either of these extremes, it can spell disaster for your pipes. Normal pH for drinking water is ideally between 6.5 and 8.5.
  • Use chemicals. It’s imperative to use extreme care when pouring chemicals into your home’s drains. Most chemicals have ecologically damaging effects on both your pipes and your health. Try to look for alternative drain cleaning products which don’t contain any harmful chemicals.

At Repiping Professionals, our team is prepared to help. We use a leak detector to locate the source of the leak, and then being performing what’s necessary to resolve the issue. You can trust us to use more durable, reliable material in order to prevent any further problems in the future.

Allowing the problem to continue and progress, results in more costly issues. That is why offer a true lifetime guarantee on all labor and materials, giving you the peace of mind that the comfort of your home will not be comprised if you experience any further slab leak problems.

If you are experiencing a slab leak issue, contact us and schedule your appointment today!