Why Use Copper Pipes?

At Repiping Professionals, we understand the effectiveness and low-cost of copper pipes. That’s why copper pipes have been used for decades and are still used today in regards to residential plumbing.

The following are facts gathered by our Lost Angeles repiping experts:

  • There is an abundance of copper on Earth because it is a natural element, with so many copper deposits all across the globe.
  • Since copper is capable of maintaining its shape, pipes require minimal support to remain straight without warping or bowing. Even when scolding hot water courses through the pipes, the shape of the copper doesn’t change.
  • Caused by the oxidization of water, corrosion can occur in pipes. Fortunately, copper can resist corrosion for a long period of time.
  • Copper is resistant to bacteria, providing you the peace of mind of having clean water
  • Unlike the PEX plastic piping alternative, copper can be buried underground, taking decades to dissolve within the earth.
  • While it occurs rarely in Southern California, copper pipes can be damaged if it freezes.

When installed correctly and without exposure to corrosive elements, copper piping can last up to 50 years. But once you reach the halfway mark, it’s recommended to have your home’s plumbing inspected to determine if your pipes are still in great condition.

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