How to Find Copper Pipe Leaks

Since the early 1970s, copper pipes have been the prevailing material regarding residential water lines. While they may last a long period of time, leaks can still develop. The most typical type of leak in a copper pipe is known as a pinhole leak. Despite their size, these small leaks can cause water to absorb into drywall or insulation, resulting in mold and water damage. If you have older copper pipes, you must understand what to check to make sure your pipes are still durable.

The following are ways to identify a pinhole leak according to our Los Angeles repiping experts:

  • With the use of a flashlight, inspect exposed copper pipes to determine if there is any moisture on the pipes
  • Keep an eye out for greenish areas away from the joints, as well as any solder pints in between the joints
  • Immediately locate the source of water if there are any signs of moisture on the walls, ceilings or flooring

To ensure your plumbing continues to be leak-free, it’s imperative to schedule inspections by a licensed plumber every couple of years or so. If you’re buying a home, having a plumber inspect the pipes before purchasing can help you make the right decision.

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