Do Galvanized Pipes Corrode?

Galvanized pipes were used in many homes built in the 1960s. They consist of steel pipes that are covered with a layer of zinc. As years pass, that zinc layer in the galvanized pipe erodes as it comes in contacted with minerals in the water supply, resulting in corrosion that causes low water pressure and foul smelling/tasting water throughout the entire home.

Repiping Your Home

Before you owned your LA home, it may be possible that the previous owner had some of the galvanized piping replaced. However, while it may resolve the immediate problem at the time, there is a chance that some galvanized pipes remained.

In addition, the old galvanized pipes may have been replaced with new galvanized pipes, which could lead to similar corrosion problems arising for any future owner of the house. By repiping your entire house with either copper or PEX pipes, you can eliminate any potential problems and the worry that is associated with having corroded pipes in your system.

If you are concerned about the state of your home’s plumbing, or you have experienced a pipe break that exposed corroded piping, Repiping Professionals is prepared to provide professional assistance. We can ensure that your home has clean water and adequate pressure for maximum home comfort. With nearly 70 years of experience, our company’s number one priority is the best customer service possible.

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