Are Your Pipes Keeping You Awake?

Homeowners are responsible for making sure that no problems occur with their house. Unfortunately, when it comes to plumbing, they often ignore annual maintenance and wait until a problem occurs before they call for repairs, or even replacement. One of the most common issues is banging in your pipes, also known as “water hammer.”

What is Causing That Noise?

Before any repairs or repiping, it is imperative to determine why your plumbing is making all of the racket in the first place. When you shut off a faucet, the pressure in the pipe changes and can cause a banging type of sound.

Also, when the air in the pipes that keeps the water flowing through the system starts to leak out, the pressure can change rapidly at various points in your plumbing. The water then moves faster and causes a loud noise when it encounters a junction or a valve.

Benefits of PEX Piping

Depending on your home’s age or your plumbing’s age, there could be various points where pressure is an issue. With PEX repiping, you can replace troublesome pipes with durable and flexible piping that won’t make any noise or vary in pressure.

Since 1948, Repiping Professionals has helped countless of clients repipe their homes with only the best materials. If you’d like to learn more about our repiping process, or have any questions about our PEX systems, request a free estimate immediately.

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