What to Expect When Having Your Home Repiped

Having your home repiped can be an arduous process. However, in order to assist you through the experience, our Los Angeles repiping experts would like to provide a brief explanation of what to expect before, during, and after the repiping project is complete.

Before Repiping

Prior to starting any type of work, a repiping contractor will conduct a thorough inspection of your entire home. He or she will check for points of entry where the water main connects to your home, any attic access points, and/or any bizarre circumstances related to your home’s floor plan and design. The contractor will devise a comprehensive plan for your specific case, as well as answer any questions or concerns about the project.

During Repiping

The entire process typically takes two to five days to finish. Fortunately, homeowners and residents are able to stay in their home while repiping is taking place. Our Los Angeles repiping experts will perform their duties in the most inconspicuous manner possible in order to not disrupt your family life. If the water hasn’t already been shut off because of leaks in your current piping system, it must be turned off for a brief period of time during the repipe project. While it is possible to enjoy normal water usage throughout the process, speak with the contractor to determine if it is possible.

After Repiping

Based on where your new pipes are located, you may notice a slight change in water temperatures when running water through your faucet. If your old system was in your slab, the water standing in your new pipes will become adjusted to the temperatures of your walls, crawl space, attic, or wherever your new pipes are present.

For a more detailed explanation for your particular home situation, contact Repiping Professionals and schedule an appointment with us today.