Popular Plumbing Myths

Most homeowners fail to conduct regular maintenance on their plumbing system from a professional expert. Instead, they rely on tips gathered by peers to prevent issues from occurring. However, some of these tips are actually myths, causing more harm to your home and your wallet than good.

The following are common plumbing myths:

  • Clean your garbage disposal with lemons. Some homeowners place lemon rinds down the garbage disposal on a weekly basis in order to keep it clean. Despite the fresh smell, food particles and bacteria continue to develop. Also, the acidity of lemons can even damage metal.
  • You can pour grease down the drain as long as you use hot water. The truth is that grease can still harden and result in clogs, specifically deep into your pipes.
  • Use soap to clean your faucets. However, the soap is known to break down the finish of your faucets. So always rinse soap of the faucets.
  • Cheap fixtures are acceptable. You might not think the quality of your fixtures are important. Unfortunately, cheap fixtures often break down faster than higher-end ones. Additionally, higher-end fixtures offer better water efficiency.
  • If everything is flowing fine, you have no worries. While everything may be working fine as far as your plumbing is concerned, it’s important to have your pipes clean at least annually to prevent clogs from forming. Even the smallest obstructions can result in clogs that could gradually get worse over time.

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