Advantages of Tankless Water Heaters

At Repiping Professionals, we understand how practical and effective tankless water heaters are when it comes to providing hot water throughout your home. As opposed to storage heaters, where water which needed to be heated and re-heated constantly was contained, tankless water heaters produce hot water only when it is needed. Most units only take about three seconds to ignite and an extra three seconds for the temperature to instantly rise. Here are the following advantages of going tankless:

Energy efficient

Since a tankless water heater only operates when hot water is needed, you could be possibly be saving anywhere from 11% to 69% off your hot water heating bill. Your average home heats about 40 to 50 gallons of water for 24 hours a day; however, the cumulative total necessary for a day’s worth of hot water takes only an hour per day. The nonexistence of storage and water necessary to heat reduces your energy consumption drastically.

Unlimited amount of hot water

Due to the nonexistence of storage, one cannot run out of hot water as long as the maximum flow rates are not surpassed. This could be as much as five to seven gallons of hot water per minute, depending on the size of the unit.


They only operate when warm water is required. Compared to storage type units that have to be constantly on, making it possible for a malfunction to occur or, at worst, damage your home.

Life expectancy

Tankless water heaters can stay functional for as long as 20 years.

Saving space

Their compact size requires less space than conventional tanks. Their versatility means tankless water heaters can be installed anywhere in the house.

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