Older Los Angeles Homes Could Have Hidden Problems

Older homes appeal to many buyers. The style in which they are built reminds us of homes we grew up in and loved. These homes can have unique charm because they are usually not cookie-cutter homes. However, in Los Angeles, having an older home can mean galvanized pipes when it comes to the plumbing, and that can mean problems.

Repiping May Be Necessary

Just having galvanized pipes doesn’t mean you have to take action immediately. However, it is an issue of “not if, but when” when it comes to the question of whether or not to repipe.

The galvanized pipes will eventually accumulate sediment and corrosion buildup, making the pipe diameter narrower and narrower over time. Eventually, the buildup could completely seal the pipe, shutting off the water flow. In addition, these pipes have corrosion where pipes meet at the joints and can lead to leaking. If those leaks are inside walls or under the slab, you might not realize it until it is too late and severe damage occurs.

When to Take Action

There are some warning signs to be aware of to tell whether you have an issue with your galvanized pipes:

  • If you can’t wash dishes and shower at the same time, check the pipes. Low water pressure could mean the water flow through the pipes is becoming restricted.
  • If you turn on water at a faucet and it flows quickly, but then slows down, you could have a water flow issue due to buildup in the pipes.
  • In an older home, any time you notice water damage to walls or floors, consider a pipe leak as a likely source.
  • If you hear water running, even when faucets are off, that’s an indication of possible leaking.
  • A change in water bills can indicate trouble. Sudden high bills could signal leaks.

Call a Repipe Expert

If you do notice problems with your older Los Angeles home’s plumbing, you’ll want to have the pipes examined. You will want to contact a repiper, and not a plumber. Plumbers are only concerned with fixing the immediate problem. They may just patch a leak, sometimes with more galvanized piping. This only delays issues caused by the underlying galvanized pipe problem. Repipers know how to deal with the big picture. They are experienced in fixing the real problem, and can do the job quickly and efficiently, and they clean up the mess afterwards as well.