Slab Leaks in Your Los Angeles Home

You are sitting in your Los Angeles home and you hear running water. Nobody turned on a faucet or flushed a toilet. You wonder if your ears are playing tricks on you. However, you may not be imagining things. This may be a sign that you have leaks in your home’s plumbing. If you have a slab foundation in an older home, this could mean a big mess. It doesn’t have to be as worrisome if you call a repipe specialist that serves the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.

What Can You Do About Slab Leaks?

There are other signs of possible slab leaks, including suddenly high water bills, hot spots on the floor that could indicate hot water pipe leaks, and excessive moisture under carpets. Also, through observing your water meter after turning off all faucets and appliances using water, you can check if you have a possible leak. If it continues to spin after turning everything off, you probably have a leak. You can either try to find the leak and repair it, or you can repipe.

If your home has soft copper pipe under the slab, and chances are it does in an older home, then it is possible that the pipe is weakened and leaking in a number of places. Repairing the leak itself is the smallest part of the process. Finding and repairing a slab leak often involves jack hammers and digging into the slab. Once the leak is repaired, the slab needs to be patched. This whole process is a messy, and often temporary, solution to the problem.

Your better option is to call a repipe specialist to check out the issue. More often than not, the easiest, fastest, and most cost effective way to fix a slab leak is to reroute and repipe. Depending on your preference and budget, a repiper can do this repiping with hard copper or PEX pipe. Both are suitable for homes in Los Angeles, but PEX is less expensive and easier to install than hard copper, so it may be the solution for you if your budget is a concern.

Contact a Repiping Specialist

For leaking under a slab, don’t call a plumber, call your repipe specialist. A repipe specialist is experienced in permanently resolving the issue, instead of temporarily patching the problem. Call as soon as you suspect leaking to avoid large-scale damage.

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