Save Money by Repiping Your San Diego Home

Are you experiencing leaks, low pressure, little or no water flow? Let’s face it, if you have an older home in San Diego, odds are you have galvanized pipes for your plumbing, and that means you will face those issues, sooner or later. You may not be aware, but repiping can save you money.

Why Not Just Call a Plumber Instead of a Repiping Company?

You may think you’ll save money by calling a plumber to fix the immediate problem. Trouble is, a plumber will only be concerned with the specific problem. He may just patch a leak, sometimes with more galvanized pipe. That’s just a band-aid approach to the main issue. Over time, galvanized pipes can have corrosion and sediment buildup, which affects water pressure and flow, and they also can corrode at joints causing leaks. Even if the plumber fixes a leak, you will have to call him back when the next leak or clog occurs – and you will have more leaking and clogged pipes with galvanized piping. In addition to that, often pipe leaks are behind walls or under slabs. Plumbers are there to fix plumbing, and if he makes a mess by tearing into drywall or concrete, they are not there to make any of these cosmetic repairs. You’ll often have to call in someone else to do those repairs.

A repipe expert will have the training and experience to handle the problem correctly. They can replace the old piping to prevent future problems. They are familiar with problem solving piping issues, and can often suggest more efficient ways to pipe your home. They are more thorough and careful in their work because they know they will be repairing any damage. In other words, they take care of the job from start to finish.

The Type of Repipe Material Can Influence Cost

The two types of pipes used by repipers are hard copper and PEX. Hard copper resists corrosion and bacteria, and has been a long time standard for plumbing. However, PEX was introduced in the 1980’s and is less expensive and easier to install than copper. If cost is a factor, PEX could be the solution for you.

Contact a Repipe Expert

So, San Diego homeowners, realize that an older home means you will probably have plumbing issues at some point. Have your galvanized pipes checked for corrosion and leaking. As soon as problems appear, look to a repiping expert to provide a more permanent solution by repiping your home, saving you time and money.