Drinking Bottled Water Because You Think It Is Better For You?

WaterFrom Los Angeles to San Diego, including the Orange County area, residents purchase bottled water because they feel it is better for them. Californians are responsible for more than a third of the consumption of bottled water in the U.S. This is an expensive and potentially unhealthy choice.

Bottled Water Is Not the Answer

Did you know that more than one-fourth of bottled water is just processed tap water? This includes the best-selling brands. Bottled water has been touted as a healthy alternative to tap water, but studies have shown that few brands of bottled water contain enough minerals to make a difference between the health benefits of bottled water to tap water.

The cost of bottled water in terms of how it damages the environment is significant. These damages range from the increased use of petroleum products to produce the bottles to the accumulation in landfills of used bottles from a lack of recycling. Some states have begun placing a “plastic tax” on bottles to discourage their use.

While bottled water is regulated, bottle companies are not required to notify the public when contamination occurs. The companies do pull products from the shelves for contamination, but you may already have purchased tainted water and you won’t be told not to drink it. Utility companies will notify the public when there is an issue so protective actions can be taken. In addition, opened water bottles left unrefrigerated are an excellent source of bacteria, and stored in warm or hot temperatures, chemicals in the plastic can leach into the water.

Not to be overlooked is the difference in price. The price of bottled water is measured in dollars per gallon; tap water costs the consumer less than a penny a gallon. Depending on the brand, some bottled water costs more per gallon than gasoline!

Repiping Is the Better Solution to the Problem

If your home is older, you may have galvanized piping. Call your repiping specialist for a free inspection of your pipes. If there is corrosion, replacing galvanized piping with hard copper or PEX (specialized plastic tubing) is the permanent solution to most water problems.

While it may seem expensive to solve any water issues you have by repiping, the savings from using tap water will be huge, both in money and for the environment. If you still have reservations about your water after repiping, there are filters you can purchase for peace of mind.