Benefits of Repiping Your Home

If you are experiencing plumbing issues due to old pipes that need to be replaced, it’s time to realize the benefits of repiping your house. If and when you do this, be sure to use professionals who have a history of repiping and not just plumbing. Otherwise, you could end up with a mess on your hands from a plumber who doesn’t realize all the things that are involved in a repiping job, like repairing any drywall that had to removed to get to the original pipes.

Cleaner Water

If you have older, corroded pipes, you’re probably not too excited at the idea of drinking your water. It may be discolored and in some cases it may even have an unappealing odor. After you repipe your home, you’ll be impressed by he fact that you can turn on your tap and feel safe enough to even give your child a drink of water.

Better Water Pressure

If you can’t take a shower and flush the toilet at the same time because of broken or corroded pipes, new pipes are going to make your shower feel like a massage. You should also be able to run more than one faucet or flush the toilet at the same time as water flows in another area of the house.

More Hot Water

Since you have better water pressure, you’ll also be able to fill your water heater faster than you could with the old pipes. That means you can take a shower, wash the dishes, and even do laundry all within a matter of a couple of hours instead of taking all day long!

Lower Bills

Yes, you will have to pay to repipe your home, but you still have a few financial advantages.

  • Using repiping specialists often costs less than plumbers and you don’t have to hire someone to repair the walls or floor when they are done.
  • Your water bill will go down if you have one because you won’t be losing the water that you pay for.
  • If you have a well, expect your electric bill to go down. The pump won’t be working as hard to keep up with the leaks anymore.
  • You won’t have to buy drinking water anymore.

There are plenty of benefits to repiping your home, but there are no benefits to leaving your old pipes in place. You can even increase your home value by installing new pipes. The only thing you have to lose is higher bills and useless water.