Save Repipe Money in Orange County

Have you recently learned that your Orange County home in Irvine needs repiping? You are among a growing list of homeowners who are learning that their plumbing issues are the result of long-term damage to their pipes. You have some decisions to make. If you plan to make them based on finances, consider the information below before you have your Irvine home repiped.

PEX or Copper?

A large part of your cost is going to involve the pipes themselves. For the most part, deciding on the type of pipes to use is largely a matter of personal taste as well as location. Since you don’t have to worry as much about your pipes freezing as you would if you lived in one of the northern states, copper might be a viable option for you, even if it is more expensive.

On the other other hand, PEX is a quality piping solution that’s more affordable than copper and requires less fittings. It’s easy to manipulate this type of pipe, so you can even save time on installation. If your primary concern is to reduce costs, PEX is the way to go.

Repiper or Plumber?

Your first thought was probably that this plumbing job was going to cost you a fortune. The truth is that if you hire a plumber, it very well could. The fact of the matter is that you won’t just be looking at pipe replacement. Remember that many of your pipes are hidden behind walls. It isn’t likely that every “wet” wall has an access panel.

In some cases, especially when it comes to PEX pipes, you can work within the walls, but not always. In other words, there is a very good chance that you are going to need some work done after the plumber leaves. Since the plumber is only worried about the pipes, you will have to find someone else to do the other repairs to drywall and other areas of your home that were damaged due to repiping.

Repipers are in it from beginning to end. They are going to be more careful about what they do because they don’t want to do any more repairs than necessary. Yes, you read that right, they do the repairs. A repiper is not just a plumber, but someone who comes in your home to take care of the entire repiping process, including replacing any drywall they have carefully removed.

Compare Costs

Talk to different people. Look into home owner association recommended professionals that have been used in your area. Compare quotes from different companies. Just keep in mind when you get a quote from a plumber that you also may need to get a quote from a drywall repair company and/or carpenter. You’re better off to get quotes from repipers who can take care of every aspect of the job so you know exactly what you are looking at in terms of costs.

You’re going to save money just by getting your house repiped because you aren’t going to constantly be trying to fix issues with water pressure or water you can’t drink. Now you just have to make the smart financial decision about the project as a whole.