Orange County Water Pressure Issues

Orange County is famous for a lot of things. In fact, it’s one of the very few counties in the United States that has a name easily recognized by people who don’t even live there. For people who actually live in Orange County, it’s recognized for things that other people don’t even think about, like low water pressure issues.

Old Plumbing and Low Water Pressure

There can be a lot of reasons for low water pressure, but Orange County residents may not realize that old pipes are one of the top reasons they experience low water pressure. That’s because Orange County is one of the hot spots in America, where the plumbing is a lot older than it is in other areas of the country.

What Reduces the Pressure?

Take a look at the size of your pipes. Your pipes only feed one home, with branches coming off of them to feed specific areas of the home. The main line in your home is (should be) bigger than the other pipes in your home because they not only serve as a means to transfer water, but to store it as well. Your main pipe stores the bulk of the water in the piping system, keeping it ready for use as soon as you open a valve.

Over time, corrosion builds up in galvanized pipes, such as the ones that are probably found in your home. Your main pipes are able to hold less water and your branching pipes have less water to transfer, as well as being able to hold less water themselves. That’s why when you do something like change the pipes under the sink, you may get a little more water pressure. However, if you don’t change the main pipes, you aren’t going to see a significant increase in water pressure.

How to Fix Low Water Pressure

If you belong to a Homeowner’s Association, you might want to contact them to learn about home owner association recommended professionals like Repiping Professionals. What you don’t want to do is hire just any plumber. Your Irvine home needs a complete repiping, which means more than just changing the pipes.

To increase your water pressure, you are going to need to repipe your Irvine home and a plumber may be able to do it, but you’re going to end up spending more than you want to and you’ll have to deal with the issues that can come from repiping by a plumber. Unless you happen to know a plumber who can quickly do drywall repairs and other things that may come up with your Orange County repiping job, it’s best to hire a company that specializes in this field.

The water pressure in your home is a result of several things, with the volume your pipes can hold being one of the most important details. The more your pipes can hold, the better your pressure will be inside your home. Keep in mind that many of your pipes aren’t easy to access because they do not have shut-off valves which makes them difficult to repair should problems arise. Repipe for better water pressure, but use a professional repiping service that will make sure your house looks the same, if not better when they leave as it did when they began the job.