Does Your Home Have Leaky Pipe Syndrome?

This is a very serious condition that is affecting thousands of homes in the Los Angeles area. Though not usually fatal, leaky pipe syndrome can wreak havoc on your home’s health as well as yours, the homeowner. What do you do if your home catches this disease? We know you love your home (and yourself) and want to keep it as healthy as possible.

Is Leaky Pipe Syndrome Contagious?

Sadly, the answer is yes. If not caught in time, this syndrome can spread throughout your home. What caused this disease? You are probably the victim of galvanized pipe syndrome which has turned into leaky pipe syndrome years later. Galvanized pipes which were installed in many southern California homes 25 – 30 years ago were thought to be a healthy pipe alternative. Metal pipes were “galvanized” (coated with zinc) to prevent rusting. Unfortunately they did not perform as expected. And the result is what your home is now suffering.

Symptoms of Leaky Pipe Syndrome

Depending on the stage of the illness, you may not have noticed your pipes leaking. Sometimes the signs are not so obvious. So, what should you look for? Some of the symptoms include high water bills, low water pressure, and water turning very hot or cold in one room of the house if someone turns on a tap in another room. You may also hear the sound of water running in your pipes even though there is no water being used in your home at the time. Another symptom is damp spots on walls or on the floor. This indicates that there is a pipe leak behind the wall or under the concrete slab under your home.

Is There a Cure for Leaky Pipe Syndrome?

The good news is yes, this condition can be completely alleviated. It requires a repiping doctor, preferably a specialist who is highly trained and has an excellent track record. The repiping doctor will have to replace the pipes. The best replacement choices are copper or PEX but you can consult the repiping specialist on the best form of treatment for your home.