Repiping After the Los Angeles Storm

“It is raining in L.A. – send Aid.” We can joke about it now as we dry out from one of the worst rain storms Los Angeles has seen in years. To the rest of the country we must appear quite melodramatic over rain and what we call “storms.” After all, the majority of America has had to endure a very brutal winter this year of heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures.

Little do they know that heavy rain in southern California can be catastrophic. And we aren’t just talking about washed out roads. If your home is sitting on a concrete slab and the water pipes under the slab were old and showing signs of wear before the rain, you may not be laughing right now, especially if you live in a hillside area.

Heavy winds and rain caused a lot of mud slides these past few days putting pressure on pipes under homes. Frail pipes may have gotten damaged and started to leak. But homeowners may not even realize they have damage to their pipes for some time. Mud must be removed and the soil dried out. This also brings us to another problem. Heat is on its way. When the soil dries out it can cause a contraction moving the slab under your home. If your home is on a slope and there was a lot of mud after the rains, now might be a good time to have a repiping company come and inspect your pipes.

You may not realize you have a leak for months until you observe your water bills are higher than normal or you begin to see damp or wet spots on the floor. Your water pressure might drop and you may hear the sound of running water even when no one in the house is using any. These are all signs that your pipes are in trouble. Don’t wait until it is too late. Leaking pipes can cause damage to your home and your wallet. Get your home inspected by a professional repiping company before it is too late.