Orange County Water Leaks May be a Sign of a Bigger Problem

Do you have one or more water leaks in your Orange County home? If so, you may have a problem common to Southern California. Don’t rush to call a plumber because you may end up spending far more than you need to and it won’t just be for plumbing repairs. Along with having the pipes repaired you could end up having to hire someone to repair drywall or other wall materials that were destroyed when the plumber fixed the pipes. You need a specialist who can get it all done in a short period of time for less money than you might expect.

What are Your Issues?

Your pipes may be leaking because they are deteriorating. This is a common problem in Orange County because of the material that was originally used to plumb houses many years ago. Galvanized steel was used back then instead of copper. Today, copper is used because it is much more stable and resistant to corrosion.

When galvanized pipes begin to deteriorate, they also begin to leak as the pipes and the fittings that join them begin to give way. Inside the pipes, corrosion begins to build up. Since your pipes not only transport water, but hold it in reserve as well, this creates a low pressure problem. In the meantime, your water is sitting on corrosive materials and may not be as clear as you would like.

As a result of this chain of events, you may see leaks from walls and other areas. Your faucets and appliances may start to develop a buildup of corrosion and your water heater may not seem to function as well as in the past. If you only have one or two of these problems, it does not mean you don’t have a larger issue at hand. It likely means that you may be able to fix the problem before it starts to impact the structure of your home or your health.

What to Do

You need to seek out an Orange County repipe service, not an average plumber. They will assess the situation and let you know what the proper course of action is and when it can be done. In some cases the job can be done in one day. If you have a larger home it may take a bit longer. In either case, the specialists will replace the pipes after carefully removing any portion of the wall that needs to be removed. When they leave, the pipes will have been replaced and there will be no need to call anyone to repair the walls because this will already have completed this as well. You’ll also see an immediate difference in your water pressure and the quality of the water. Don’t wait, call a repiping company in Orange County today!