Repipe for Valentines

ValentinesNow, we know what you are thinking. Repiping your home for Valentines Day doesn’t sound very romantic. With all the wonderful chocolates, flowers, restaurants and all the other goodies available in a city like Los Angeles to give your loved one on that special day, why in the world would you think about putting new pipes in your home for Valentines?

New pipes can give you a lot of romance all year round. And here is how. Old, noisy, stinky pipes are definitely not romantic. Wouldn’t you agree? For one thing, they can cause a lot of plumbing problems. Old pipes tend to leak. Is there anything as unromantic as a plumber on his knees fixing a pipe under your sink? Right, we thought you’d agree. If you home has old pipes then you probably have ugly, dirty looking water coming out of your faucet when you turn the taps on. Now, that is definitely not going to help set the “mood”, if you get our drift. Maybe you want a nice romantic bath with your significant other and it takes forever for the hot water to reach the faucet and when it does, a small pathetic stream of water dribbles out because you hardly have any water pressure. Again, very unromantic. (Don’t worry, this is a family blog and we will keep this clean.) Have you ever turned on the water when your spouse was in the shower in another room and heard your spouse scream in horror as their water just turned freezing cold or boiling hot? Now, if that isn’t a romance killer, we don’t know what is.

See how much more romance you could have if you had lovely new pipes? Nice, quiet pipes that streamed clean water with full water pressure 24/7. Doesn’t that sound nice? Valentines is just one day. Just think, you could have Valentines every day of the year. Give us a call and we will help you put the romance back into your life. Happy Valentines Day!