Do You Have Lead in Your Drinking Water?

If you are living in a home or apartment in Los Angeles that was built prior to 1986, there is a good possibility that you have lead in your water from your aging pipes, fixtures or solder.

Though lead is found in nature, you do not want it in your drinking water. Even the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) warns of the dangers of lead in the water. “Lead in drinking water is the #1 environmental health threat to children in the U.S.” On their website they warn that babies and children who drink water with lead in it can have delayed physical and mental development. For adults they warn that prolonged consumption can lead to high blood pressure and kidney problems.

In fact, even very low levels of lead can cause reduced IQs, learning disabilities and behavioral problems such as hypertension and reduced attention span in children.

Lead exposure is cumulative and long lasting. It is stored by the body primarily in the teeth and bones and can be very difficult, if impossible, to remove.

When old pipes begin to corrode lead will start leaching into the water usually through brass or chrome-plated brass faucets and fixtures which contain lead.

Many (but not all) water filter systems take out lead. If you have a water filter system in your home and are not sure if it does lead removal, call the manufacturer.

Use only cold water for drinking and cooking if you think you may have lead in your water. This is especially important when making food for young children and formulas for babies. Run the water for several minutes before you use it.

The best solution, of course, is to replace your old pipes with either copper or PEX piping. These are both very durable types of pipes, and are very suited to the climate of southern California. We would be happy to examine your pipes for you and if you need them replaced, give you a free estimate. Give us a call.