No Pressure, Big Problem

Does it seem like there’s pressure in your life everywhere except in your water lines? If you are in an older home in the Los Angeles area, it could be the fault of those galvanized pipes you have in your house.

Why Are Galvanized Pipes Trouble?

Over time, galvanized pipes will corrode. This corrosion builds up on the inside walls of the pipes, constricting their size, which means less water can flow through the pipes. Usually, this is an unseen problem that gets worse with time. Sometimes the corrosion can be evident, such as turning on a faucet and finding the water has a brownish tinge. While it is generally safe to use in that case, doing laundry will result in some funky looking whites!

If the problem is left alone, it will cause your water pressure to drop to the point you might not be able to run water from more than one source at a time. It could even corrode to the point where water flow stops all together.

Another problem with corroding galvanized pipes is leaking. Often the leaks will be underground or under a slab and be unseen. If your water bill seems to increase even though water usage stays the same, it could be time to check your pipes for leaks. If you suspect a leak, turn off all water sources (faucets, icemakers, and any other water fixtures) and check your water meter. If it is still spinning, you probably have a leak.

What Is the Best Solution?

The fact is galvanized piping will only last about fifty years. If your home is older than that and you have galvanized pipes, you will have issues. Often homeowners will find where the galvanized piping is causing a problem and only replace that section. This is not solving the problem; it is only delaying it. It’s strictly a matter of time before another section of the piping will fail, leading to another house call, and another repair bill. While it may seem expensive, your smartest, lowest cost in the long run solution is repiping.

Hire a Repipe Expert

Plumbers are not repipers. Yes, they can replace a damaged pipe for you, but that’s all they are concerned about. Repipers are experts in all the elements of the repair, including repairing drywall damages caused by the repair. In addition, if there is leaking under a slab, the longest lasting, most cost effective solution is not to dig up the slab, but to repipe instead.

Save yourself time and money. Have those galvanized pipes checked, and look into repiping as your permanent solution to your water pressure problems.