Go Green with Updated Plumbing

If you are experiencing low water pressure, water that isn’t fit to drink or similar plumbing issues in your Irvine home, it may be time to have some repiping done. When you do, consider going green with your plumbing so you can reduce your carbon footprint as you make improvements on your home.

Use PEX Piping

Copper has a beautiful look to it and has been relied on for years when it comes to plumbing homes and businesses. Yet it can also carry things that PEX is resistant to, forcing you to treat your water, but also releasing toxins into the environment. PEX is also more affordable than copper, so it helps you to put more money into bigger items instead of putting more into your pipes.

Hire a Repipe Expert

There is a difference between a repiper and a plumber. If your Home Owners Association has had experience with this problem in your community, you may be able to find a Home Owner Association recommended repiper that has already worked in your area with proven results.

A plumber isn’t going to be concerned about anything but the plumbing, but a repiper is going to be the one making your house look the same or better than it was when they got there. They take care of every element of the repair, including replacing the drywall they need to remove with surgical precision. That doesn’t just save you money. It reduces waste in the form of supplies and energy. You can even save on pollutants in the air from gas fumes because your repipers do this every day for a living and won’t require as many trips as a plumber on top of a carpenter, on top of a drywall repair person.

Install Green Elements

There are a lot of ways you can use your plumbing fixtures and appliances to go green. Just a few of them are listed below.

  • Install a tankless water heater – Instead of keeping water hot all the time and wasting energy, a tankless water heater only uses energy when you need hot water. It heats up the water as it circulates when you turn the hot water on with a faucet or washing machine.
  • Use aerators – By using spouts that have aerators, you end up using less water. The air in the water makes it feel as if you are using the same amount, so you may not even notice a difference.
  • Install a low flush toilet – A low flush toilet requires less water to flush. If you can’t afford to install a low flush toilet right now, you might consider placing a few bricks or a gallon jug of water in your existing toilet tank to fool the floater into thinking the tank is full with less water.

Talk to your repiper about more options when it comes to conserving energy with your plumbing. In the long run, having your Irvine house repiped can save you money and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.