Water Pipe Problems in San Diego

San Diego is an established area that has a combination of both older and newer homes. In houses that were built over 20 years ago, corroding pipes due to the chemicals used in the treatment of water can be a common problem. A leaking pipe can be both destructive and costly over time. If your home is showing signs of water supply problems, or has leaking pipes, it may be time to consult a repipe specialist.

Water supply problems can show up in a number of ways. A wet wall or wet slab under the house can be a sign of a leaking pipe. Bad smelling or bad tasting water can be another sign. If a house has low water pressure, this can be caused by sediment build-up partially blocking one or more pipes. If the water temperature changes when someone either flushes the toilet or turns on another faucet, this can be due to low water pressure.

Leaking or corroded pipes are typically not because of anything the homeowner did or did not do. The pipes used in homes older than 20 years old were usually either galvanized or soft copper tubing. The soft copper tubing was used under concrete slabs because that was what building codes at the time required. Hard copper tubing requires soldering, and the solder joints under the slab were against building code. Both kinds of piping are prone to corrosion and have to be replaced eventually.

Replacing one pipe at a time could be very costly. Unless a homeowner has experience and all of the tools and equipment need for the job, replacing pipes is not usually a do-it-yourself type of job. The question now becomes who do you call? While there are a large number of plumbers in the San Diego area, a plumber could cost as much as twice as much as a repipe specialist, and will only do part of the job.

A repipe specialist will be cheaper than a plumber, and will repair any damaged walls as well as completely clean up after they are finished. Repiping can be accomplished using either hard copper piping or PEX. PEX is a special type of plastic pipe that is often cheaper and easier to install. Depending on the size of the job, many homes can be repiped in a single day. If the leaking pipe is under the slab, a repipe specialist can offer alternatives to cutting into the concrete slab as well. If you are need of repiping, give Repiping Professionals a call today!