Slab Leaks and When It Is Time To Repipe

If you have a slab leak, it’s time to repipe! Unfortunately, the only lasting solution to slab leaks is new pipes. This is because most homes in Los Angeles and the Southwestern United States have soft copper pipes underneath concrete slabs – and the pipes are actually the problem!

Another way to think of it is like this:

If you bleed through a bandage, you may want to change your bandage, but to stop the bleeding entirely, you will have to treat the wound. This may sound gross, but slab leaks can be gross, too!

Some signs of slab leaks include:

  • Higher than usual water bills
  • Hard water due to a buildup of minerals and metals
  • Bad smells coming from the floor or walls
  • Running water sounds when no taps are open
  • Damp or discolored floor coverings
  • Warm or damp spots on the floors
  • Serious property damage

Pretty disgusting, right? Luckily, repiping is just the fix! Instead of sticking new pipes under a crumbling slab, we can reroute your brand-new pipes through another area. Running pipes through the attic, for example, helps provide easy fixes in the future and keep your floors safe.

New Pipes for Life

At Repiping Professionals, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our labor and materials. That being said, if your new pipes begin leaking generations down the line, technicians won’t have to drill through a concrete slab. Instead, they can easily pinpoint and repair the problem by climbing up to the attic.

To return to our previous metaphor, rerouting your pipes is like moving a wound from the bottom of your foot (where it’s inaccessible and will take ages to heal) to your forearm – and with new pipes, you’ll also be getting rid of the wound altogether!

Why We Repipe Instead of Repair

Not only is repairing a slab leak a temporary fix, but slab leak repairs that don’t involve repiping can cause serious property damage. Even the most experienced plumbers will have to drill into your concrete slabs in hopes of pinpointing a leak, and if they struggle to find the leak, you could have several holes in the concrete below your floor. Additionally, if the pipes are in bad shape, the plumber may have to dig up your floor AND replace your pipes. Yuck!

Why not start with a sensible, lasting solution? Our proven team at Repiping Professionals has been fitting homes with new pipes for more than 70 years. We treat your home like it’s our own, and we complete our jobs on time and when promised.

Your home is the site of a lifetime of memories and may last even longer than you! Doesn’t it deserve the best? Don’t you?

The answer is yes! You deserve the best, and we provide it.

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