How to Estimate Plumbing Cost for New Construction

Know What You Need and How Much It Will Cost

Overall, the price of installing a plumbing system is dependent on four major factors – the size of your property, the number of fixtures you need, the materials you use, and the labor involved. Regarding size, the national average cost for new plumbing systems is roughly $4.50 per square foot. However, the other factors involved can cause that price to fluctuate, and it’s important to take them all into account when setting your budget.


Essentially, fixtures are the points of use of your plumbing system. These are the sinks, showers, bathtubs, and toilets that residents will actually use and will need to be supplied with a steady stream of water to function. Because there are so many different types of fixtures that you’ll be using, prices vary – you may find yourself paying anything from $3,000 to $10,000 per fixture. When you’re estimating your costs, it’s important to understand exactly what fixtures you need, how many of each you’ll need, and what the average cost of each type of fixture is.


Your fixtures will be supported by a hidden network of pipes that will extend underneath, around, and inside of your property. These pipes are typically priced per 10-foot length, and depending on the material you use, the number of fixtures you have, and the size of your property, the amount of piping you’ll need to purchase will also vary.

PEX Piping

Modern PEX piping is flexible, affordable, and easy to install. The adaptable nature of the material allows PEX piping to be bent and rebent into whatever shape is necessary, meaning that your plumbers will be able to use whole lengths of pipe without cutting or installing joints. However, these pipes cannot be used outside or connect directly to water heaters, which means you’ll still need to use other materials for those areas. For a standard-sized home, installing PEX water pipes can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000.

Copper Piping

Copper piping is a more durable option, but is also more expensive, especially because it requires additional joints that all need to be soldered into place, leading to larger installation costs. However, unlike PEX piping, it can be used in exterior spaces and connect directly to water heaters. Additionally, copper has natural antibacterial properties that help keep water clean. Piping a home with copper pipes can cost on average up to $5,000 more than PEX piping.

Excavation and Labor

No matter what fixtures and piping materials you use, you’ll need to pay for labor to install the various components of your new plumbing system. Additionally, there will also be costs associated with excavating your property to make room for underground piping. Here, additional factors can come into play. The location of water, gas, and sewer lines, the state of your property, and other attributes can all contribute to the amount of excavation necessary to install your plumbing.

Get a Professional Estimate.

While the price of materials can be roughly estimated, labor costs are a different story. Every company has different rates and prices, and you should always ask around to find the best deal for your project. A professional plumber can even offer you affordable deals on the pipes and fixtures you need. At Repiping Professionals in Southern California, we offer written pricing agreements upfront, so you can have all of the information before the job begins.

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