Why Are My Drains Stinky?

Plumbing is an essential modern amenity for people, and yet often people forget about it unless problems arise. Have you noticed your shower or sink drains starting to smell foul? We at Repiping Professionals understand how frustrating it can be to live with foul-smelling drains, which is why we’ve created this blog. Keep reading to find out what could be causing your drains to smell awful.

Dry Water Trap

A common cause for sewer odors to leak into your kitchen or bathroom could be due to a dry water trap. The water trap is the u-shaped bend in the pipe designed to hold water at all times. This creates a barrier between the foul odors lurking just below your drainpipe and your home. If a sink goes unused for an extended period, water in the trap evaporates, eliminating the protective barrier.

One simple way to resolve this problem is to run water. If you have a floor drain, pour some water from a bucket or cup down the drain. The trap will replenish with water, and the foul odors should dissipate.

Buildup on Drain Pipe

If you have already done the above but the stinky smell is still emanating from the drains, biofilm buildup on the inside of the pipes could be the culprit. Biofilm buildup is most common on the inside of kitchen drain pipes. Food waste, grease, and other biological materials washed down the drain by homeowners build up along the walls of drainpipes and start to smell over time.

Scrubbing the inside of the drainpipes with a mixture of 50 percent bleach 50 percent water and a flexible pipe brush can help deodorize and break up caked on biomaterial.

If those solutions do not resolve your issue, or you notice the smell is emanating from all drains in your home, it is time to call in the experts. Have a plumber assess the problem; it may be something relating to your pipes. If it has been several decades since your piping has been replaced, it may be time to contact the Los Angeles repiping specialists at Repiping Professionals.

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