Avoid Plaque Buildup in Pipes

As your pipes age, it is probable that plaque will develop in your piping. As water constantly moves through your pipes over time, minuscule particles that contain bacteria coat the interior walls of your pipe. The accumulation of this bacteria can form plaque in large quantities can lower the quality of your water, damage your pipes by clogging them and causing leaks, as well as harm your health.

In order to avoid plaque buildup in your pipes, you can always rely on copper piping. Copper is known to be an effective antibacterial metal, since most bacteria which come into direct contact with it can’t survive. Without bacteria, there is no way for plaque to develop. Copper piping can last up to 50 years when installed correctly and without any exposure to corrosive elements.

Other benefits of copper piping include:

  • Copper is a natural material that has been scientifically proven to be safe to your health
  • Copper doesn’t easily suffer from corrosion
  • Copper is much softer than iron or lead, making it easier to work with
  • Copper typically has lower installation costs
  • Copper fittings can maintain their value and add more value to homes

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