Repiping: Copper Vs. PEX

Repiping is a solution for chronic water leaks and other plumbing issues in homes. If you’re preparing for a repiping project, there are two important options you are probably already considering: PEX or copper. Here, you’ll find a review of the pros and cons of copper repiping versus PEX repiping.

Copper Repiping

You could say that copper repiping is a classic—it has been a plumbing standard for years because its natural attributes make it highly effective in all kinds of environments. If you’re skilled in soldering and fitting, you might be able to perform some copper repiping on your own; but it’s nearly a guarantee that a plumbing professional can do a better job, faster!

Pros of copper piping:

  • Biostatic atmosphere makes it difficult for bacterial growth
  • Impervious to damaging effects of ultraviolet (UV)
  • Resists corrosion

Cons of copper piping:

  • Extreme pH levels in water may corrode pipes
  • Extreme cold weather conditions can freeze pipes
  • Premium pricing

PEX Repiping

Also known as crosslinked polyethylene, PEX came to market in the ‘80s, and is now one of the most common choices for repiping and plumbing projects. Its continued popularity is owed to cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and some perk that copper repiping cannot take advantage of. PEX is color-coded (red, blue, or white) based on water temperature.

Pros of PEX piping:

  • Resists freezing temperatures and pipe bursting
  • Retains heat better than copper piping
  • Resists scaling and chlorine corrosion

Cons of PEX piping:

  • Not suitable for outdoor plumbing
  • Cannot be recycled
  • Shorter lifespan than copper piping

What Do I Choose: Copper or PEX?

Copper and PEX are each ideal for many different situations. Although there’s plenty of information to find on the internet, making the right choice between copper or PEX requires years of experience in plumbing, repiping, and environmental conditions. If you have a repiping project in Southern California, our repiping specialists in Los Angeles may help you identify the pros and cons of copper and PEX piping in your unique situation. Call Repiping Professionals today!