Signs You Have a Slab Leak

Have you been experiencing leaks in your basement floor? Have you tried having your basement waterproofed to prevent more leaks? Maybe you added gutters, changed the direction your gutters drained, or installed landscaping that doubles as a drainage system. Your leak may have nothing to do with your basement walls, rain, or drainage. If you have plumbing under your basement floor, you may need to have repiping done to repair a slab leak. You can learn more about a potential slab leak by reading the information below.

Water is Constantly Running

Do you hear water running when all the faucets are off? Maybe you don’t hear water running but you have noticed a significant hike in your water bill or in the case of a well, a hike in your electric bill. If the water lines under your basement floor have broken or are about to, they are allowing water to consistently run as if you had a faucet on.

The Floor is Hot

If your basement floor isn’t a heated floor, but it’s hot to the touch, you may have a broken hot water line. It’s important to fix this immediately because it keeps your water heating running constantly, something it’s not meant to do. You’ll see a spike in your water bill as well as your gas or electric bill and you may end up having to replace the heating element in your water heater.

Puddles in the Floor

If your basement is filling up with water in even one section of the floor, you may want to consult a repiping specialist. The problem will continue until the issue is fixed. Sealing the basement floor is something that people try because they don’t realize it’s a plumbing issue.

All of the issues listed here can also happen if your house is built on a slab and not a basement. Whether you have a basement, slab or crawlspace with a foundation, repipe it as soon as possible if you experience any of these issues. These problems occur when materials like clay pipes or galvanized steel pipes are in place, such as is common in older homes in the Orange County area. Be sure to use a repiping specialist rather than using a plumber because the specialists are experienced in handling this issue so they won’t leave a mess and they will get the job done in a timely manner.