Drinking Water Problems in Irvine California

Like many areas in California, Irvine residents may experience problems with their drinking water. The problem isn’t actually with the water. It has more to do with the pipes in Irvine. When the pipes in this area were originally installed, galvanized pipes were used. Over time, they have deteriorated and developed an internal residue that cause problems with the water that runs through them. Many Irvine homeowners don’t realize that their plumbing is the problem and not the water, so they never get their pipes fixed. If you prefer to drink clean, safe water and not worry about appliances that have problems with your water on top of possible structural damage, it may be time to replace your pipes.

What to Expect

Before you know if your pipes are actually the problem, you need to inspect your home for signs of deterioration. As the pipes deteriorate they will begin to leak and may share some of the corrosion with other areas of your home. You may see leaks from the walls or corrosion on your faucets or appliances. It may seem as if the pressure of your water should be much stronger than what is coming out of your faucets. Your drinking water may also be cloudy or even taste bad.

If you are having issues with your pipes, you should use a company that specializes in repiping to handle this job. An Irvine plumber would be happy to do it for you but may not be able to handle the details of this type of job. Your specialist will assess the situation and determine whether or not your home needs new pipes. If so, they can usually get the job done within one day or a bit longer if the house is a large one with multiple bathrooms.

When a plumber would need to tear out drywall that they wouldn’t necessarily fix, a specialist has been trained to carefully remove what is needed and to replace and repair as needed before the job is considered complete. Since they have a complete order of operations by which they complete tasks, it will not take multiple days and you will end up paying a fraction of what you would pay an average plumber. You won’t have to worry about paying to have the walls repaired when the job is complete either.

Once the job is complete you can expect clearer water and a higher level of pressure. The new pipes have more room to transport clean water so you will immediately notice a difference. If you suspect you have deteriorating pipes, call your Irvine repipe specialist today.