Does Your Vintage San Diego Home Need New Pipes?

Buying a vintage home in San Diego might be your dream as a homeowner, but older homes do come with some structural, electrical, and plumbing concerns. Depending on the state of the home’s pipes and plumbing, you may want to consider whether or not to repipe your home. Here are a few of the reasons this home repair project might be necessary.

Lead Pipes in the Home

Lead pipes were popular in older homes because of their sturdy design, but these pipes also introduce lead into your home’s drinking water. While you can bathe and wash your clothes with water sourced from lead pipes, cooking with and drinking the water is hazardous. Fitting your home with new pipes isn’t as expensive or complicated as you might think, and plumping experts know exactly how to handle this project for you.

Old Brass, Copper, and Galvanized Steel Pipes

Many people think that brass, copper, and galvanized steel pipes last forever. While they definitely have long lifespans, they too can get old and begin to deteriorate. If you have purchased a Victorian home on the West Coast, there is a chance that your home’s original plumbing and pipes need to be replaced. Here is a breakdown of how long these supply pipes last:

  • Galvanized steel lasts approximately 100 years
  • Copper lasts approximately 80 years
  • Brass lasts approximately 100 years

If you aren’t sure how old your piping is, you can hire a plumbing expert to inspect your home to help determine if you need to repipe or repair your home’s plumbing.


Leaky pipes are the enemy of homeowners, and in some cases, you’ll find that your pipes need to be replaced. A common misconception about leaky pipes is that the leaks only occur at the junctions between pipe connectors. While this is true in some cases, it isn’t always true. If there is a breach in the walls of your pipes, they will need to be replaced. Holes and cracks in supply pipes and water lines often occur in older homes that haven’t been maintained over the years.

If you own a vintage home in San Diego, you might need to repipe your home to restore the plumbing and prevent water damage from occurring. Talk to a plumbing expert to see if this project makes sense for your home. Handling plumbing problems before they get too big can save you a lot of money—and headaches—in the long run.