Repiping for Burbank

Re-Pipe and Slab Leak Specialists

At Repiping Professionals, we proudly serve Burbank with copper repiping services, PEX re-pipe, slab leak, and tankless water heaters. We resolve many issues with plumbing systems including:

  • Low water pressure
  • Leaks
  • Rusting pipes

Many older homes have been built with galvanized piping which rusts and deteriorates in time. Deterioration occurs because of contaminates combined with minerals in the water. Because of the various chemicals and minerals in our water supply, we see this problem a lot in Burbank.

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PEX Repiping Services

PEX repiping is growing in popularity in the U.S. since 1980. PEX has several advantages over other pipe materials. It is flexible, doesn’t corrode, is resistant to scale and chlorine, has fewer connections and fittings, and is quicker to install. In apartments, when tenants complain about low water pressure, rust, or yellow colored water, or there are leaky pipes in the building, it is because the old galvanized pipes are corroded and failing. The most economical approach is to refit the building with new PEX or copper piping.

Repiping Professionals: Here for You

The most frustrating things for any homeowner are low water pressure and high water bills. This is especially true when you are normally careful with your water consumption. At Repiping Professionals, we provide you with the solutions you need to put your pipe or slab leak problems behind you. We work tenaciously to provide you with a quick, economical, and well-planned fix so you can go about your everyday life and leave your piping worries behind you.

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