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At Repiping Professionals, we are pleased to provide full repiping plumbing and slab leak service for Beverly Hills. Along with our famous, superior quality, hard copper repiping, we offer a variety of other services, such as:

  • PEX re-pipe
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Built-in water filtration for drinking
  • Leak solutions

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Copper Re-Pipe

Many homes, especially older ones have been built with galvanized piping which rusts and deteriorates in time. This deterioration is due to contaminates in the air and water supply combined with minerals in the water. Our area is especially susceptible to this problem because of chemicals and minerals in our water supply. Soft copper piping under a concrete slab is subject to leaks.

PEX Re-Pipe

PEX repiping is becoming more and more popular in the U.S. since 1980. PEX has several advantages over other pipe materials. It is flexible, resistant to scale and chlorine, doesn’t corrode or develop pinholes, is faster to install than metal or rigid plastic, and has fewer connections and fittings.

Slab Leaks

One of the most serious problems for a home is a leak within or underneath the slab. Most leaks are from construction methods or material used like soft copper pipes which bend and develop leaks. These faults aren’t found until it’s too late and the we notice slab leaks in the home. Slab leaks can cause serious structural problems, and even move foundations. Left unattended, this will cause more damage and a higher cost to effectively repair.

Fix Low Water Pressure

The most frustrating thing for anyone owning a home here can be low water pressure, which will result in extremely hot or cold water in the shower when someone flushes the toilet or uses the water in another part of the house. Damage to any pipes that results in a leak, whether large or small, will cause lower water pressure. Older homes or homes that were built with galvanized pipes are susceptible to low water pressure. Galvanized pipes will rust over time and deteriorate. As the rust worsens, it builds up inside the pipes, and this accumulation of corroded material restricts the flow of water creating low water pressure.

Tankless Water Heaters

For hot water that never runs out and saves you money on your energy costs, consider a state-of-the-art tankless hot water system installed by Repiping Professionals. The tankless evolution is here; more than one person can take a shower at once without affecting each other’s hot water. You can save money, time, and energy while enjoying the peace of mind and security that a quality water system can bring.

Whole House Water Purification

Whole house water purification systems can help protect your family from all sorts of contaminants that can cause illness, allergies, and hurt the appliances in your home. Repiping Professionals will send out an experienced representative to your home and test your water and show you a reasonably priced purification system that will improve the quality of your water throughout the home.

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