Why Re-Pipe Your Home?

Replace Your Old & Rusted Pipes

When rust builds up inside of your water pipes, it prevents water from flowing through the pipes causing build-up throughout the entire system. Even though the water pressure may be fine in certain areas of the property, the volume of water may be greatly reduced in other parts of the home or building. Homes may be built with galvanized piping, which rusts and deteriorates over time, while other homes are built with soft copper piping that is subject to leaks.

If you have any of these issues, it may be time for a re-pipe:

  • Low water pressure in the shower, sinks, yard sprinklers, etc.
  • Scalding or cold water in the shower when a toilet is flushed or water is used in other parts of the house
  • Dirty or terrible smelling drinking water

To solve these problems, the most effective solution is to re-pipe your home with PEX or hard copper piping that will not rust. Our team of professionals specializes in Southern California re-pipe procedures and can serve customers throughout Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside and Ventura. Our technicians at Repiping Professionals are highly trained professionals who know how to perform PEX and copper repiping and pride ourselves on the quality of the installation while keeping your home as neat and clean as possible. After your new pipes are installed, we will patch your walls to allow a smooth surface for painting.

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PEX or copper piping will make an incredible difference in your home. With a high-quality PEX or hard copper water pipe system, you will no longer face discomfort and inconvenience caused by steel water piping and soft copper slab leaks. Enjoy excellent water pressure backed by our lifetime guarantee. We truly care about your needs, and we will treat your home like it is our own.

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