Water Leak Detection

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Whether you are a homeowner, a business owner, or a landlord, plumbing leaks can be one of the most frustrating problems in the upkeep of a property. Leaks can occur in drain pipes, pipes, water lines, and sewers, as examples. You need to find the source of the leak so that you can assess the damage. If you are having difficulty, then consider employing a professional to assist you.

Repiping Professionals has been helping customers with superior and professional service. We strive to keep our customers informed about any issues in their home to avoid further costly damage.

Signs You Might Have a Leak

When pipe leaks are driving up the cost of the of your water bill, you will want to check to make sure that the problem is attributed to a leak. Fixing a leak can be a simple job, but cannot always be quickly detected or addressed without the assistance of professional leak detectors.

These are some indicators that you may have a leak:

  • There is a hot spot on the floor
  • The sound of water running when all fixtures are off
  • Water dripping from the ceiling, or wet floors or carpets
  • Water seeping in through a low point in the wall
  • Hot water streaming from the cold
  • The water heater refuses to shut off

There are a variety of ways to check for a possible leak. Sometimes, it can easily be detected just by looking. When you seek professional service, however, they have all the equipment necessary to investigate further. Early detection is key to stopping plumbing issues! Repiping Professionals can guard against these problems, thanks in part to PEX and hard copper repiping, which are some of the industry’s leading technologies.

As Southern California repiping professionals, Repiping Professionals vows to address any piping problem with the utmost of professionalism and prompt service. We handle each and every job thoroughly and never pass down jobs to subcontractors. Our motto is: “We treat your home like it was our own.”

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