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Home Owner Association (HOA) communities have to follow strict pipework and plumbing guidelines set both by the HOA and state regulations. If you are concerned that your HOA community is not up to par, or if you just want to make general improvements, call 800.734.8123 to connect with the Repiping Professionals. We serve residential and commercial clients all around Los Angeles and Southern California.

Why people come to us for every re-piping job they have:

  • We have lifetime labor and material guarantees.
  • Our re-piping estimates are always free.
  • No work is subcontracted — ever.
  • We opened our doors over 70 years ago!

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Reasons to Re-Pipe Your HOA Community

If you are part of an HOA board, you should bring up re-piping during the next meeting. When your HOA community is re-piped, you and everyone within the neighborhood will enjoy a variety of benefits.

Re-piping an HOA community will help:

  • Prevent leaks that damage one or more properties
  • Keep maintenance and repair costs low
  • Stop deterioration of adjacent pipework
  • Increase the community’s overall value

The Repiping Professionals are capable of working with the schedule your HOA decides upon. We prioritize your comfort and convenience from the first moment you contact us to the conclusion of your job. However, the end of your HOA community re-piping project is not the end of the care we provide you as one of our favorite clients. You will be happy to know we extend a true lifetime warranty for all of our products, just in case an unexpected problem happens years down the line. We have been around for 70 years, and we plan on being around for at least twice as many more!

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