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During the 1980's, most homes here in the Southwestern United States were built with a concrete slab foundation built over soft copper water pipes underneath the slab. Unfortunately, many issues can arise when water enters the property and clogs pipes, rust builds up, or deterioration occurs. Until water coming out of the faucets or shower becomes foul-smelling or unfit to drink, many homeowners don’t realize they have a potential slab leak situation until major damage occurs to the home.

Some signs that you need repiping in the slab may be:

Hard water due to a buildup of calcium, lime, and sometimes iron
Pinhole leaks in the pipes, usually affecting the hot water pipe first
Sudden and unusually high heating and water bills
Floor damage

If any of these issues sound familiar, our team at Repiping Professionals is ready to help. We will use a leak detector to locate the source of the leak, and then begin performing the re-pipe. We will use more durable, trustworthy material to help prevent any further issues in the future. When you have a slab leak, it is important to act quickly to re-pipe your foundation. Allowing the problem to continue can only result in more problems, and more costs.

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