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Our re-pipe technicians at Repiping Professionals are proud providers of copper re-pipe plumbing services for homes and businesses in the Glendale community. In the early days of plumbing, galvanized water pipes were the way to go. This has since changed, but many properties still have out-of-date systems.

Galvanized pipes are made of iron with a thin coating of zinc. This type of piping is a lot better than what we had prior to the galvanizing becoming popular; but galvanized pipe eventually lose the thin zinc coating because of friction and impact of foreign objects such as sand grains. When this happens, the iron begins to get oxidized and develop what is known as iron bacteria, which could discolor clothing.

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To determine the cause of your issues, we may ask the following questions:

  • Do you experience low water pressure?
  • Do you get yellow or rust colored water?
  • Does the shower become hot when someone flushes a toilet, uses a sink, or turns on the washing machine?
  • Have you had leaks in your plumbing?
  • Do you have slab leaks (inside or underneath the concrete foundation or the house’s floor)?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then your galvanized pipes are badly deteriorating. To prevent these occurrences, the best option is re-piping. Our team provides the services you need to have your piping running at an optimal level.

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